• Noelle Ivec

Children of All Ages Attend Circus

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…” the ringmaster belted through the audience. “To Jordan World Circus in Texarkana!”

Joan Love and Lesha Cooper look at the concession stand at the Jordan World Circus in Texarkana, AR

Children at heart, Joan Love and Lesha Cooper, enjoyed three rings of fun on Monday afternoon.

Our residents witnessed a 5-tiger act in a fenced in ring, acrobats flying high from the ceiling, and dancers leaping over rings of fire.

The circus also included poodles jumping through rings, a man running on a ‘wheel of destiny’ while blindfolded, and classic clown acts.

“I think my favorite part was watching the tigers do backflips,” comments Lesha.

Joan Love and Lesha Cooper returned to Hope Haven with many stories to tell of their return to childhood joy from attending the circus.

- - -

Hope Haven enjoys giving residents the opportunity to attend local events, like the circus, on a regular basis. Our residents are always busy. If you are worried about your loved ones missing out on fun events, call us at 870 - 777 - 8655 and learn how your loved ones can get involved at Hope Haven.


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