• Noelle Ivec

Day Trip to Garvan Gardens: Tulip Extravaganza

Hope Haven residents took a day trip to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs on Friday, March 29th.

The main attraction our residents wanted to see last Friday... tulips!

Accompanied by Administrator Stacy McKee, volunteer Dorothy Lodd, and Activity Director Noelle Ivec, our residents enjoyed walking through the gardens’ many adventurous pathways.

Iva and Stacy rest beside the lake at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, AR

They walked alongside a lake filled with koi fish, rested on benches beneath flowering trees, and strolled through a walkway of blooming tulips. Our residents Lesha and Iva viewed beautiful landscapes, rolling waterfalls, and fields of flowers. Lesha enjoyed her afternoon taking photos on her personal digital camera while Iva relaxed and strolled along the garden path.

One of the many beautiful sights our residents viewed: a pond filled with koi fish and blooming trees

Our residents explored the gardens for two and a half hours!

Once the residents worked up an appetite, they returned to the garden entrance to prepare to head out for lunch. They were taken by surprise by the sight of two beautiful peacocks that are maintained by the garden staff... who knew you would see a peacock at a garden center!

The afternoon ended with a shared meal at Cracker Barrel in Arkadelphia, AR as we headed home to Hope Haven to talk about our garden experience.


Hope Haven strives to bring the best experiences to your loved ones. Our residents leave the facility on day-trips and outings on a regular basis. If you are worried about your loved ones missing out on fun opportunities, call us at 870 - 777 - 8655 to learn how your loved ones can become a part of Hope Haven's community.


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