• Noelle Ivec

Hope Haven Residents Celebrate Valentine's Day

Hope Haven residents celebrated this Valentine’s Day in a busy, fun filled day. The monthly challenge for February was to share the love— and our residents delivered!

A few residents started their Valentine’s morning baking cookies in the resident kitchen. While the cookies were baking, ladies on the 4th hall sat and chatted over coffee and a local volunteer coached the cookie decorating party.

Residents Joan Love and Peggy Spell decorate Valentine's Day cookies in the resident kitchen while Irene Sanders watches

Residents then gathered in the activity room for a special edition of bonus bingo hosted by local health specialist, DeAnna.

Residents enjoy Valentine's Day bingo

DeAnna delivered valentine treat bags to each resident. Inside each bag residents received handmade valentines from children at local schools and a few sweet treats.

Handmade Valentine's and treats from children at local schools in Hope, AR

The fun didn’t stop there though!

After bingo, a group from Unity Baptist Church in Lewisville, AR stopped by to read scripture and celebrate the day of love through song.

Each resident received a treat bag from the group, and they gave special recognition to the newest married couple to move into Hope Haven, Hoover and Nita. The couple announced that they have been married for 65 years!

Newest married couple to move to Hope Haven, Nida and Hoover, receive a special gift from the Unity Baptist Church of Lewisville, AR

Our residents enjoyed the Lewisville chapter’s musical talents and generous spirit. The Valentine's Day fun ended with a few more songs from the group before residents prepared for supper.

There is never a dull day at Hope Haven… and our residents take holidays seriously!

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At Hope Haven Assisted Living every holiday is a special celebration. If you have questions about Hope Haven Assisted Living, or would like to volunteer, call us at: 870 - 777 - 8655


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