• Noelle Ivec

Russ Carlton Delights Residents with Musical Talent

Russ Carlton playing piano for residents at Hope Haven

Residents from every hall at Hope Haven sat patiently in the activity room waiting for Russ Carlton to come through the door last Thursday. Russ visits bi-weekly to sing acapella, play piano, and praise the Lord alongside Hope Haven residents. Some residents sit down half an hour in advance to find the best seat in the room to listen to his music.

There is never a dull moment at Hope Haven, especially when Russ comes to visit.

Residents chatter with one another in anticipation of his arrival where he greets them with a smile and a “how are y’all doin’ today?”

When Russ, his family, and friends enter through the activity room door, the room lights up. Residents smile, while eagerly waiting for him to set up his music and sing.

Russ often opens with church hymnals, which he plays from memory for the residents. He follows with acapella songs and takes special song requests from residents-- Sweet Beulah Land is a Hope Haven favorite! Other times he will play a CD in the karaoke machine and entertain the residents with a featured song.

He involves all our residents, encouraging them to sing along with his music, clap when the music moves them, and even dance if they feel the music moving through them.

If you are ever feeling down, Russ’ music will bring you right back up. He encourages our residents to praise the Lord through song, and to simply sing a song.


At Hope Haven, we understand the important role of music in the lives of our residents and how music can enrich the lives of our loved ones. We feature singers and musicians several times a month in our activities program. If you have questions about Hope Haven Assisted Living, or our activities program, call us at: 870 – 777 – 8655


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